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Thursday, August 16, 2007



Well, she did say mr. America to Eric's face coming out of the DR


Can't be true. If Jen found out early in the game, as the rumor claims, what was her incentive to keep her mouth shut before she gave up the 250K?


I agree with you. She knows what is giong on. If anyone in the house does not realize what is going on they are stupid. Personally I think Eric was the worst choice for Americas player. A rat could have chosen a better player than Eric to play for us. Tonight is going to be very interesting!!!


good point knowitall! I didn't think about that! :)


Dick should have been America's player!
how fun it would have been.

and Jen knowing? doesnt shock me.


not a shock.


i dont know about this one maybe maybe not all i can say is that i really like eric and i think hes done a pretty good job so far i mean he did make some mistakes but everyone in the house has! and if america payed better attention to what ws going on in the house and voted on people that the group on voting for he wouldnt be in the spot he is now!


This is the first time I have been to this blog, and you have some very interesting thoughts. I too have thought Jen, had a secret but was unaware of the "mr. america" incident. However, since Nick left I have noticed that Dick and Danielle seem to know about Eric, and wondered if there was someway that Nick had passed it along. However, the sudden new alliance that had developed between Jen and the D+D, makes me wonder if she clued them in, to save her skin . . . my bonnet's bursting ! !


knowitall-(how fitting)...as Jen said, she wasn't in it for the money, so making wager was no big deal for her. She probably als figured they'd never take it from her anywayif she did win. It still wouldn't have affected that game's outcome. Her ultimate incentive is two-fold: to win and to get as much air-time/exposure as possible. All of the HG (reality stars in general)know that the real money is made AFTER their 15 minutes of fame. Last night, Zach was talking n great detail about his motive and incentive for being on BB8 was to land a job as a graphic designer and run a team at one of the big GD companies.
I think it happened, and it clearly explains 99% of the happenings inside of the house as it involves Jen and Eric.


btw, what does "ws" mean? They say "such and such was a 'W.S.' moment". I don't speak text-speak...


I'm not sure if I believe this or not. I'm with Lydia. She couldn't have known early in the game because the veto competition was held less than 2 weeks ago that she agreed to forfeit the $250k and from the looks of the OP she found the note AFTER that. That doesn't make sense.


Unless they bought her silence another way. Why hasn't jokersupdates.com been posting can't watch the live feeds now... Are we on Trivia....


W.S. - way sh*tty


Last night, before this post, after I saw that "Mr. America" quote, my first thought was that Jen had gone into the DR and they had accidentally asked her something meant for Eric or something like that. Hmmm...


haha, Dick musta lost a bet in beer pong to say that about Carol!


WOOOHHOOOOO Dick is still in the house. I love it. Great job to danielle. This show is great!!!!

D&D Fan Club Prez

I do not get the live feeds or BBAD - can anyone tell me what beer pong is?


OMG.... I am so happy.... This is great what more could we ask for.


Throwing chips (looks like poker chips) into paper cups with beer, one side of the table to another and the cups are in a v shape like bowling pins. If you get the clip in the glass the opposite team has to drink the beer and take down the glass. They make bets as the game goes on and gets tighter. Really boring if you are watching.


OMG I LOVE DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very happy right now. Dustin is gone, Dick is still in the house & Dani is HOH. Couldn't get any better than this. Amber & Jameka better watch out. I just voted a slew of times for Eric to put her up on the block. I only hope Amber is sitting next to her & I don't care which one goes home first!!!!!!!!!!!



NO WAY! Now Dick will be here for another week at least. D+D will change the whole game again against Jameka and Eric.

They should've kept Dustin.


these past two weeks could not of gone any better


I also love Dick! He is the only one that actually tells the truth. that is a first for this show.


Is there anyway I can go watch tonight's show. I missed it and I would love to see Dustin's face while getting evicted.


that showed dustin when he got evicted. hey the producers should leave a clue for the rest of the hg that eric is america's player. that would stir it up!

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