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Saturday, September 15, 2007




This isn't the first season of team players. Season 6 was all teams, unbeknownst to the others. Each person came in thinking they were the only team there. I am sure that wasn't in the contracts of the others either.


Tiffany--I can't remember S6, could you tell me who was on that season?? I have watched every season but have bad memory!


Why does dick spit all the time! Its because of smoking has damaged his lungs /He's is not just spiting causes he wants to "The spit just keeps coming up from his lungs,If his spit is foaming it could mean heart disease with lung disease/ Perhaps like glue then it can be cancer emphizima OCPD .
I think he may have some form of cancer because he holds moves his sholder due to pain in upper chest/ or ribs !
Or TB they spit like that all the time .

Only a Dr Exa Xrays would know for sure,but What ever it is he does have a Major Lung problem. All the money in the world won't help him one bit!Its one of the most awful ways to go/

he was cocky as hell standing on that carrot at first a few hrs was one weak as a puppy.. As time goes on even walking will be to much!


To each his own
Noway do I see Dani pretty!LOL
She reminds me of a Keibler Elf ! BONEY Too
She needs to eat instead of picking at her food .Also she a Night eater/picker
She doesn't want Anyone to seee her eating !
PICK PICK PICK At everything!Food /Hair/Arms/Face!
To each there own! But noway would I have put up with her crap!
Whining /Whining /Whining complaining about everything and then the halftruths!Unbleable!
They d not deserve that money NOWAY! This was the first BB I have watched and the Last!


Now Dick is depressed because Dani is still unhappy.

Money does not buy happiness. They've reached the final two but have failed at life. So tragic.


Ecclesiastes 2 lived out on reality television.

BB8 Fan-Tastic

I don't feel sorry for Dani or Dick one bit. They won the money but Dani will never be happy and she won't give any money to Dick and then he'll be tortured by her cold heartless isolation.

Karma is a boomerang baby.


By chance, I am watching a documentary about punk life from 80 to 86 in CA. This is the life style that Dick ended up in. It's amazing how much they are like Dick and what they say is much worse than anything Dick has said. I think Dick had a bad childhood and was drawn to this Punk life style at the time. It explains a lot. He must have been a very unhappy child and needed a place to feel loved, something like that. We don't grow up to be who we are without a reason. Just an observation, nothing more.


Many of you see Dick as a vile human being. I see Dick as a 44 yr. old child who is very unhappy. Have some compassion for the guy. I am still rooting for you, Dick....I see the person, not just the things we see on tv. My God, many of you are as vile as Dick, so how dare you put him down, when you are just the same. Not everyone here, and probably I should have posted this on the other thread, with all the abusive comments towards Dick and other HG's. Sorry people, just had to say this and not aimed at anyone who has their own opinion, just the one's who do all of the BS on this site. You know the one's I mean.


Dick is a PK (preacher's kid). Many PK's rebel for numerous reasons.

1. They recognize hypocrisy at home, but their pastor parent does not... or even tries to hide it... which only multiplies their sin..

2. Neglect from their parents who have foolishly sacrificed their own family for the church family.

3. Unfair expectations from their self-righteous parent.

4. Simply looking for attention.

5. Normal temptations and such.



Ken--I agree with your statements. I am not a PK, but my dad was a pathlogist and he was the same way. I ended up with a bad crowd for a long time because of his expectations that I should be perfect. I felt unloved and went elsewhere to find it. Thank God I got out of that life and found a better one. I guess that's why I can still root for Dick with all of his abusive things he did on the show. Like I said, I see the person and we should all love one another, or at least try. I am not excusing his behavior, but trying to explain it. I am rooting for Dick because he earned it in the end!!


Unfortunately, it's pretty common for parents to do that. I see it all the time and it frustrate the hell out of me. But it make me appreciate my parents all the more. I was fortunate with my parents. I was oblivious to the concept of a broken home growing up. I figured everyone had great parents. Boy was I wrong.


Ken--Thanks for replying. My parent's divorced when I was 14 so I guess that's another reason why I can relate to Dick and Danile and what kind of life they may have come from...

Michelle M.


From what I can remember from BB6, because my memory is bad too, is James and his girlfriend, Sarah. Also, there was Howie and his ex, and Maggie and her ex. That's all I can remember right now....


Dick and Danielle
Eric and Jessica
Jen and Kale
Dustin and Amber
Zach and Jameka


Nick and Danielle, Eric and Jessica, and Amber and Jameka- that would be great!!!!




Janelle & Ashlea
Maggie & Eric Friends
Howie & Rachelle
Kaysar & Mike
Ivette & Beau
April & Jennifer

They were all suppose to be just friends.

Aleister Wilson

Thank you Bryan. This question was a no-brainer--Dick and Danielle on Amazing Race would be worth the watch--but only Bryan suggested it. He wins the-rabbit-whose-motor-ran-out.


Let's see...for past Big Brother guests on Amazing Race, my picks would be:

Allison (BB4)& Jen --"bitchfest"
Jason (BB3) & Jameka --"biblefest"
Janelle & Danielle --"barbiefest"



The Donato's together...that is...Dick AND Vincent not Dani!!!!

Jack, Even w/o Jen statments...I'm pretty sure they're safe w/ the AP twist. I'm sure there is something in the multiple pages they signed (as talked about by more than one player there were many pgs to be signed) that covers it...something like "we reserve the right to..." & then something really vague about "America" since often players in the game wondered what the "America's" thing was too...I'm sure somewhere in the paperwork it said something about "America" being allowed to have a "hand" in the game & that it was up to the discretion of BB what that role would be...it's just that in all of their guessing I saw they didn't guess what it actually was.

And there is no way ANYBODY can guess what would have happened w/o AP voting...but for examp Eric did say before he was given his "Evict Amber assignment" that he was ready for her to leave the house (& note that AP votes never said not to use the veto on Zach...as a matter of fact...that wk AP votes didn't mention Zach at all)...but even he, IMHO, can never say for sure the answer(s) hypothetical "what-if" questions.

And FYI your lack of BB knowledge is showing, this is NOT the 1st BB to have "America votes" play in evictions...this is just a different form than it was before. And this is NOT the 1st time BB has had pair players...NOT even the 1st time where relatives were in the house together (like half-siblings Cowboy & Nakomus [sp?] & the twins).

IMHO, if Jameka & Amber would be on The Race their motto should be "Hypocrites-R-Us" & if the Race would have teams of 3 then they could add Kail to that team/motto.

Dick had the most HoHs (3) plus at least 1 veto (Maybe 2 but I can't remember 2 for positive) & Dani had the most POVs & 2 HoHs...when you add their HoHs together they had 5 out of 11...that's pretty darn good on their parts esp for 44yr-old Dick. Lynnly, "right-on" re the college point-out.

Ken, that was one of the things I liked most about Dick...he remembered the viewers at home & talked to us...Reminds me of when Eddie Murphy would look right into the movie cameras & give a "nod" to us or at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day off after the credits talked to us. :)-

In closing, I do admit that Dani is a spoiled brat & even she has admitted @ least the spoiled part & that is why I said to start off w/ that I want to see Dick & Vincent in the Race.


JAMEKA and AMBER (for the emotionalism) and ERIC and JESSICA (to give them a more honest chance at winning something) should be on "The Amazing Race". ZACH and HOWIE also would make an interesting team. KAYSAR(luv him) and DR. WILL should be allowed to run the race alone because they could give any team a run for their money and they probably would prefer to work alone.

It's pathetic that so many of you are ragging on Danielle. She's attractive and very intelligent and you're jealous of her. It probably would help you to have a fraction going for you of what Danielle has going for her. Danielle doesn't ask anyone for anything -- she makes her own way in life -- you could help yourself by trying to learn from her.





Daniele,is very disrespectful to her dad, she needs to stop and see inside her dads heart, I believe he is what you seen and heard A MAN THAT WOULD GIVE HIS LAST PENNY TO YOU IF YOU REALLY NEEDED IT. DO NOT JUDGE HOW BAD OR,/////////////////////////////////
HOW GOOD A PERSON IS, BY TATTOING, CURSING, ETC. I believe Dick would have won on the rabbit jumping, but Zack had gloves, cap, thick shirt with short sleeves, shoes. Dick had a very thin tank top, no shoes, gloves or cap with a bib on it. If you look at the run of it Dick had more shower water at all times, so Zack would not had made it, if he dressed as Dick. DANIELE DRESSED as her dad, they got sprayed from their bare head with little clothing. IN ALL THE PLAYERS DICK WAS MORE HONEST, AND TRUE TO WHAT EVER HE SAID OR DONE.


Thank you to Michelle & Lori for the info. Wow, do I have a bad memory, but now I do remember. I have watched every season but cannot come up with names, except S1, my favorite. Things were so simple then, back in the day!!


Nick and Dani for the Amazing race. If he can last that long with her, then it's for keeps.

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