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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Okay here it's out! Evel Dick talks about the reason behind him leaving Big Brother 13. It should't come as a surprise to any Big Brother 13 fans but he does drop the F-Bomb quite a bit on the video. He says all the rumors going around were false but really doesn't get into the reason he left. All we know is that it was a private matter involving somebody close to him. You can try and find the video on RTVzone.com. For somebody who is trying to get a new site up and running he's not making it very user-friendly over there. He's also disallowed other sites to embed his videos.

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Our Big Brother 13 Chat is open 24/7! You can stop by anytime to chat with your fellow Big Brother 13 Addicts. In addition to our 24/7 live chat we also have sceduled chats.

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It makes a lot of sense since 13 is the most superstitious number out there. Ragan also brought up the fact that the show starts on 7/7/11 and 7 & 11 both known as lucky numbers. It would make for an interesting Big Brother 13 with a superstion / luck theme.

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Adam stuck out the most because of his look and odd personality. Rachel won this weeks HOH! She made a deal with Dick and Daniele that she would not nominate them. We'll see though - Rumor are going around that Evel Dick has been nominated.

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Well it's about time Big Brother 13 starts getting good. The Duo twist is finally over!! People are finally having some good fights! I hope Dani wins HOH this week and puts up Rachel!

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It will be entertaining to watch her go crazy each week she's on the block!!

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