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Friday, July 08, 2011



Hey BB13 fans join our fun live BB chat tonight and special treat for BB13 Fans

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Dang, and I had to work on the very first night. What a bummer.

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the frst night of the Big Brother 13 Live Feeds was already CRAZY. Evel Dick is already gone from Big Brother 13. He left for "personal reasons". I bet he had no intention of playing the entire game again and this was all done as Big Brother 13 ratings stunt. It's sure worked too

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Now Keith and Porsche are nominated for this week. In addition to watching the Big Brother 13 Live Feeds I can wait to watch Sunday's show to see what we've missed. If I'm wrong and Dick's exit wasn't planned I wonder what we've missed in the house! I'm already addicted to Big Brother 13!

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There's a Big Brother 13 Rumor floating around that Dick Donato was disqualified and kicked out of the Big Brother 13 house for posting this video. He recorded it before going into the house and posted it last night. Not sure if this Big Brother 13 rumor is true but here's the video.

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Hey, there's more to metalheads than long hair -- they're always working on their craft.


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Well it's about time Big Brother 13 starts getting good. The Duo twist is finally over!! People are finally having some good fights! I hope Dani wins HOH this week and puts up Rachel!


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It will be entertaining to watch her go crazy each week she's on the block!!

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Big Brother 14 is set to air on July 12, 2012. We were all so excited when Evel Dick came back for last year's show. It was really too bad that he had to leave the show due to a personal matter. I think we should all campaign to have him come back this summer. He makes Big Brother worth watching!!

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I think we should all campaign to have him come back this summer. He makes Big Brother worth watching!!

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Scommetto che non aveva alcuna intenzione di giocare l'intero gioco nuovo e questo è stato tutto fatto come Big Brother 13 prodezza valutazioni. E 'certo lavorato troppo.
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Jag tror att ditt perspektiv är djup, det bara genomtänkt och verkligen fantastiskt att se någon som vet hur man sätter dessa tankar ner så bra. Bra jobb på detta
din blogg är väldigt good.It var mycket väl skrivit och lätt att förstå. Till skillnad från andra bloggar jag har läst som verkligen inte bra. Jag hittade också dina inlägg mycket intressant.

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