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Sunday, April 29, 2012



C'MON, Evel Dick is old news and it looks like he is tired. I hope they bring some good fresh people. Even Rachel was funnier than Dick.

U R crazy

I hope u r joking because I never got his "personal" reason for leaving never added up for me,
So he had his second chance
But it is sad that his life seems to revolve around big brother 
Has he done anything else since big brother?


I'm a true BB fan from season 1. Please don't bring Dick back...or any other previous contestant. The fun of the game is when they are real unknown people that we get to know through watching them. Wasn't that the premise in the first place? Come on BB producers...give us what we really want....the original Big Brother

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Big Brother 14 is set to air on July 12, 2012. We were all so excited when Evel Dick came back for last year's show. It was really too bad that he had to leave the show due to a personal matter. I think we should all campaign to have him come back this summer. He makes Big Brother worth watching!!

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